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Fri Jul 22 19:27:02 CDT 2005

#615: Change default wiki syntax
       Id:  615          |      Status:  new                     
Component:  wiki         |    Modified:  Fri Jul 22 19:27:02 2005
 Severity:  enhancement  |   Milestone:                          
 Priority:  low          |     Version:  0.7.1                   
    Owner:  jonas        |    Reporter:  toni                    
Comment (by anonymous):

 I think the syntax defined by
 [http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/ Markdown] is '''far'''
 superior to most wikis, including what Trac supports.  Personally, I'm
 sick of trying to remember how many a zillion different wiki syntaxes, and
 Markdown is the only one I've seen that's actually readable by human
 beings, even when displayed as plain-text.  I'm really reluctant to force
 yet another wiki on my users that doesn't use something semi-standard.
 Using Markdown via Instiki is by far the best user experience I've found.

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