[Trac] Multiple Projects with Postgres

Jeff Weiss trac at jeffweiss.org
Tue Dec 20 14:20:05 CST 2005

So the scenario is:

x projects.  Same users.  Each user has the same set of permissions
for each project.

As far as I know, there's nothing available in the stock version of
Trac to help automate that, other than apache configurations pointing
to the same authentication source, but that still doesn't solve your
authorization/permission issue.
While creating a "master" project may work in the current setup, my
concern is that it might not provide you an easy upgrade path if the
Trac database schema changes.
Assuming you want the exact same set of permissions for all projects
(not the situation where project B has a superset of the permissions
of project A), you could theoretically modify the Trac code to get all
the permissions from the same database (see
but this would be Postgres dependant and even less upgradable.

On 12/20/05, Stephen A. Cochran <stephen.a.cochran at dartmouth.edu> wrote:
> On Dec 20, 2005, at 2:22 PM, Jeff Weiss wrote:
> > Although, what I think you were alluding to is centralized
> > authorization.  Regardless of whether you are using the SQLite or
> > PostgreSQL backend (or even the MySQL patch attached to #986), the
> > permission table is accessible though SQL.  So if you need to add a
> > large number of users (for which a simple 'authenticated' will not
> > do), it can at least be semi-automated via SQL.
> >
> > I hope this helps.
> Yep, probably not clearly stated. This would mean that each project
> would have to have permission changes made to it.
> SHould be possible to create one project that is the "master", and
> add some triggers to it. Then whenever it's updated, it would "push
> out" the changes to all the databases it knows about...
> Steve
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