[Trac] Gallery extension

Bruce Christensen me at brucec.net
Sat Nov 19 15:57:44 CST 2005

I'm planning to write an image gallery for Trac, but I wanted to see
if anyone has done anything similar before I begin.

Motivation: we're using Trac to manage the development of a rocket
(see http://rocket.brucec.net/), and we want to include lots of
pictures of various components. However, attaching the images to
individual wiki pages and referencing them with the Image macro makes
it difficult to generate galleries.

There's an open ticket at
http://projects.edgewall.com/trac/ticket/2313 about creating
screenshot galleries. This would address that concern.

UI: The plugin will:
 - Add a "Gallery" button to the navigation.
 - Provide tag-based thumbnail galleries.
 - Be tag-based, like Flickr.
 - Provide a web interface for browsing, uploading, modifying
(re-tagging), and deleting images.

Implementation: The plugin will:
 - Assign a unique numeric ID to each photo.
 - Add a "gallery" wiki link prefix (e.g. "take a look at our
[gallery:12 oxidizer tank]")
 - Serve photos from the "gallery" URL (e.g.
 - Store images in the Trac environment under the gallery/ folder.
 - Add new permissions for modifying the gallery.
 - Provide macro for inserting pictures into wiki pages.

I'd like to just use the Image macro, but that would require patching
the Trac source to allow sources other than repos/source/browser: and
attachment:. Perhaps a future version of the Image macro could provide
an extension point for image URL providers (or just use any wiki

Is there general interest in this? Comments before I begin?



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